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Last week, we were on vacation. We had just checked into a motel in Cherokee and headed to Bryson City for a few supplies. On that remote road, far from friends and family, at 6:30 pm the car overheated. We called AAA Carolinas and had a long conversation about the condition of the car, where the nearest dealership was (so we could get towed to them), and how could we get back to town since all of the rental car places were closed until tomorrow and were a 30 minute drive ...away! AAA put us in touch with Ridgecrest Towing and TJ was soon there to rescue us. He did NOT tow us. He checked out the car and determined that the problem was simple--need water. Where to get it? TJ found a source and a container. We were soon back in business. But that was not all. TJ recommended that we have the system flushed when we got home. TJ also gave us a jug of water to carry with us just in case there was an unseen leak and then followed us to Bryson City to make sure all was well again. Great service from TJ--our road angel?

-Carolyn Darden 6/18/16

On Thursday night we caught 2 flat tires and we were almost 300 miles from home and we were stuck on the side of the road waiting on the side of a steep curve in the mountain at 10:30 at night for someone to come back with a extra tire and a Tow truck driver named James from Ridgecrest towing pulled over to make sure that cars moved over and didn't hit us and he stayed kept us company until we had both tires and we were able to get moving he gave us his work info incase we ne...eded help. So the next day we were trying to make it home to Atlanta and the car started loosing pressure and we smelled gas and the car stopped working so we pulled over on the side of the road and I didn't know what to do we tried a few things to try to get the car to start up again but it didn't work so I called James at Ridgecrest towing and he came to tow the car to the shop for us. The staff was so nice and helpful and knowledgeable about the problem and they fixed the problem and they fixed the tires so that we could make it home safely which we did Thank you to everyone at Ridgecrest towing you guys are a blessing and very honest.

-Charlene Williams  4/2/16

Very honest and hard working crew. They did a great job repairing my very rare RV. Only 270 were ever made and some parts are no longer available. But Ridgecrest Auto repair did not give up on finding me the right axle part. It was no easy task but they made it happen and I am back on the road. Thanks guys!

-Hank Marshall  5/2/15

If you have a VW (or Audi because my Toureg has Audi engine) that is out of warranty, save a ton of money & take it to Ridgecrest instead of the dealer. They replaced the camshaft somethin-or-the other timing chain (a MAJOR repair job!) & a sensor. The guys are super respectful, & KNOW their stuff! GREAT CUSTOMER CARE. They will be my only VW "medics". Ladies, they are great about explaining what's going on in terms the "mechanically challenged" are able to understand. AND they washed my car when done! FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY ☆☆☆☆☆

-Diane Lively 4/6/15